Gambling Commission releases list of upcoming consultation topics

Updated:2024-03-30 09:04    Views:109

The Gambling Commission has published a list of upcoming consultations.

The White Paper was first published just over six months ago and, following the schedule set out in it, the Gambling Commission has finished its first round of consultations.

The inaugural topics entered into the consultation process in July and finished in October, covering age-verification processes, remote games design, direct marketing including cross-selling, and financial risk and vulnerability checks.

The next set of consultations will last for 12 weeks and are expected to close in early spring 2024.

These topics include socially responsible incentives, customer-led management tools, transparency and protection of customer funds in the event of insolvency, the statutory levy,Online Casino Games increasing the frequency of regulatory publications, changes to penalties and key event reporting, such as mergers and acquisitions.

The blog covering this was published by Tim Miller, the Gambling Commission Executive Director of Research and Policy.

He went on to explain that the Commission would go on to support the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in regards to introducing the statutory levy.

Miller said: “We are rightly putting emphasis on implementing the Government’s Gambling Act Review recommendations.

“This goes hand in hand with our vital regulatory ‘business as usual,’ to keep gambling safe, fair and crime-free.”

Miller also emphasised that while the next round of consultations will go live, this does not mean the first round has been entirely concluded.

He explained that the Commission is currently analysing all of the data collected from the responses and engagement with previous topics.